My Python for S60 Projects

Please note: I'm no longer active with creating PyS60 Module extensions for the Symbian OS.

Python for S60 community

Visit the Python forum at Forum Nokia for developer discussions
My username: the86hitman

Any issues relating to applications/extensions can be discussed there.

Project: hStandby

 » An alternative Home Screen for the Nokia E71
 » Based on 1.4.5, To be ported to 1.9.x
 » BuiltIn functions: Missed Call/New SMS alert, SMS Conversation, Quick AppLauncher, TaskManager, Agenda Viewer, Weather Plugin (Today & 5day), Live Memory stats
 » Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Project: PocketMedDict

 » A searchable notepad for me to lookup/add/update on medical knowledge for my medical training
 » Currently in development, based on 1.9.x
 » Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Ported Extentions for 1.9.x

SIS are all unsigned, and will install extensions for mobile device.
Zip files contain .pyd and .py wrapper for module repository.

 » Original author: Arkadiusz Wahlig
 » Update: RECOMPILED 08/Sep/2009
 » Thanks to NeoJinux for his assistance.
 » Download: sis (recompiled), zip

 » Original author: Christophe Berger
 » Download: sis, zip

 » Original author: Christophe Berger
 » Download: sis, zip

 » Original author: Simo Salminen
 » Download: sis, zip

applist 1.1.0
 » Original author: Lee Chee Meng
 » Update: (See Self-Made Extn's for newer version)
 » Download: sis (now with test UID), zip

Self-Made Extensions for 1.9.x

» Click here for the Extensions page.