Foundation Year 1

My FY1 year was based at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London.

Hepatology/Care of The Elderly

6 months predominantly covering Hepatology patients in addition to general medical patients admitted via on-calls. Here I learnt the basic management of common medical conditions and learnt bedside procedures such as Ascitic taps and drains.

During this time, I successfully passed MRCS Part A as well as establishing an Imperial-based medica student-junior doctor mentoring programme to aid Final Year Medical students towards their exams of which Foundation Doctors have just sat.

Trauma & Orthopaedics

3 months seeing only acute Trauma - no elective adult orthopaedics is carried out. My responsibility was to manage/review patients on the ward that had been admitted following acute bony injuries. I attended theatre when opportunity permitted and assisted in common cases, such as distal radial and neck of femur fractures.
I attended the weekly teaching, aimed at FRCS/SpR level and actively participated in the viva discussions.

During this rotation, I carried out an initial audit as to whether patients with isolated upper limb injuries were being admitted unnecessarily; I presented this an made agreed suggestions for a semi-elective management in this stable cohort.

Academic Surgery Unit

3 months working on the Lower GI team under Mr Faiz, Mr Ziprin, Mr Paraskeva and Prof Darzi. My responsibility was reviewing our patients twice-daily with the SpR's and to execute any investigations or treatment as per instructions. It is a closely supervised job as there are no SHO's. We had post-operative colorectal surgery patients as well as acute admissions from surgical on call.

During this rotation, I presented an audit at the British Trauma Society Annual Conference, I developed an mobile app framework aimed at junior doctors which is being adopted by St Mary's for a trust-wide release. I've also part-written a patient-management system for Acute Surgical Take.