Social Profile

Full Name :
  Hiteshkumar Tailor

Nicknames :
  HITMAN, Hitz, Hitoo

Age :
  32 Years old

Birthday :
  9 July

Proffesional Status :
   Trainee Surgeon

Languages spoken :
  English... and a unique concoction of Gujarati, Hindi and Panjabi (Hindgujaranjabi?)

Caste, Religion :
  Darji (Surti), Hindu

Car :
  Mercedes C-class

Hobbies :
  Computing (as you can see) using various language; Travelling; Socialising with friends; ... and endlessly trying to work out methods to accomplish my missions in life.

Favorite Music :
  Bollywood - mostly songs from the 1990's era, Bhangra, Indipop... anything Desi really.

Favorite Film :
  The Matrix(Part 1) - for the Philosophical theorems it presents.

Favorite food :
  Some say... I eat too much chicken!